Tiffany Blue Table Linens

Oh tiffany blue! It exudes such a feeling of luxury, due to its reference of the extravagant jewellery store. Your wedding is the perfect time to indulge in this color.  Set the stage for an elegant affair by using tiffany blue table linens on your wedding tables.  Pair tiffany blue with white and ivory tones (chairs, china, centerpieces, etc.) for a color combination that is oh so lovely!   Take a look below, these images are pure eye candy.

Georgica Pond
Tiffany blue table linens look divine, paired with white hydrangea centerpieces.
Love the tiffany blue wedding favor boxes.

Lovely Wedding
Classic white roses mingle beautifully with this tiffany blue table setting.
The crystal chandeliers (though likely not realistic in many wedding venues) are pure opulence.

Rebecca Devono
A perfect example of a wedding head table idea.
The gold tones work well with the color scheme, as would silver tones.
And again, blue table linens and white flowers pair wonderfully.

Simply Posh Design
Various white candies on a sweet candy buffet table is pure perfection.

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