Wedding Table Decorations: Damask

Wedding table decorations using the classic damask.

The damask pattern dates back to the Middle Ages, when it originated in Damascus, Syria.  When used in wedding decorations today, it has the ability to provide a formal feel, without being overly stuffy.  Your wedding is such an important event, so it is very fitting to use a grand pattern such as damask. I especially love white and black damask, as it can pair with whatever wedding color you have chosen.
With a damask table runner, you can choose to skip flower centerpieces altogether, as it is such a dramatic focal point.
The simple candles are perfect.

Primadonna Bride
These are all great, but I especially love that damask cake!

Creative Invitations
When using patterns, to give the eye a break, it can be a good idea to provide a mix of patterned and solid tablecloths.
However, if you want pure drama, you can go with patterned tablecloths on each table.

Wedding By Color
Oh so elegant! A mix of red roses, candelabras, and damask create pure eye candy.

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